About the Scientific Program (Tentative)

We aim to have a comprehensive scientific program, involving Asian and International leading experts in their respective fields. The program has been designed with high scientific standards

  1. Grand opening
    • Introduction of FARO
    • Current status of radiation oncology in FARO countries and how to move forward
    • The challenge of conquering cancer in ASIA and the role of FARO
    • How to improve radiotherapy within FARO? Challenge and action  
  2. Presidential speech
    • Particle therapy  
    • Radiation Therapy in Era Of Precision Medicine
    • AI in target delineation
    • Radiation therapy and immunotherapy
  3. Thoracic cancers-esophageal cancer
    • The role of radiotherapy for Esophageal cancer
    • The target delineation for esophageal cancer- Consensus and controversy
  4. Thoracic cancers-Lung cancer
    • SBRT for early stage NSCLC
    • The role of post-op Radiotherapy for locally advanced NSCLC
    • The role of Radiotherapy for SCLC
  5. Head and neck cancer
    • The advances in the management of locally advanced H&N cancer 
    • The target volume delineation of Head and neck cancer
  6. Breast cancer
    • Postoperative hypofractionation radiotherapy for Breast Cancer
    • Target volume delineation of Post-operative breast cancer
  7. Cervical cancer
    • The role of Radiotherapy for Cervical Cancer
    • Brachytherapy for Cervical Cancer
  8. GU
    • Clinical Management of Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer
    • The role of Radiotherapy for muscle-invasive bladder Cancer
  9. Hepatocellular cancer & GI(recal cancer)
    • SBRT for Hepatocellular cancer
    • Management of pre- and post-op radiotherapy of Rectal cancer- experience from China
  10. Oral presentations/scientific session and Q&A